Our address is:

Crta. Cala Llonga km 12 Pol. 17 nr. 20 07840 Santa Eulalia

Please switch of any GPS to find our hotel; with this document you will be able to find us easily.

How to reach us

By taxi
If you come by taxi and the taxi driver doesn’t know Hotel Ibizazen yet since we are still new on the island, you can mention you are going to the former ‘Hostal Can Bufi in Santa Eulalia’. If they by then still do not know you can show them our address or the following Spanish route description:

Desde el aeropuerto conduce hacia Santa Eulalia. En la rotonda de Santa Eulalia sigue la carretera a Cala Llonga / Siesta. Después de 50 metros (en la primera curva) se encuentra un pequeño camino a la izquierda, gire a la izquierda. Más abajo el camino arenoso, encontrará la entrada principal. Si viene más tarde que las 8 de la tarde, tiene que seguir 100m por abajo hasta la segunda entrada y dejar los clients alla.

By car
From the airport you follow direction Ibiza (Eivissa) at the first roundabout. After this please follow the signs to Santa Eulalia. Passing Ibiza-town on your right the road will slightly go up. Do not take the exit to Jesus (old coastal road) but keep going straight. At the end of the road you will arrive at the roundabout of Santa Eulalia. Here you follow the road to Cala Llonga / Siesta. After approx. 50 meters the road curves to the right and here you will find a small sandy road on your left with a concrete building with our logo. Turn left in this small road. Further down the sandy road, you will find our main entrance after 200m.

When you arrive after 8 pm

After 8 pm our main entrance and reception are closed. Please go left (downwards) at our main entrance and follow the bamboo wall on your right hand. After 200 meters, you will see our second entrance on the right. If you drive 20 meters further down, you will find the parking area to park your car. In our late arrival procedure, you can read how to open the second entrance and how to find your room.